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The Semiotics of Smoking

Commemorating 20 years of a razor sharp love of the English language and satire in the Juvenal-Swiftean tradition. Here’s to the The Chap. The Decadent Schoolboy best captures my style.   humoursatiresemioticsthe chap

Theology + Geometry: A Gentleman’s Worldview 3

“The Semiotics of Footwear” by Gustav Temple and Vic Darkwood in The Chap Almanac. The Oxford: As eloquent as a letter of recommendation from the Marquis de Sade, the Oxford singles a man out as a fellow worth serious consideration. A foot clad in well-polished and immaculately-crafted leather acts as a passport to the realms…

Theology + Geometry: A Gentleman’s Worldview 1

Extracts from The Chap Almanac: An Esoterick Yearbook for the Decadent Gentleman by Vic Darkwood and Gustav Temple. Fully blown consciousness is not a happy state, even when negotiated with the aid of a brocade dressing gown, a head full of poetry and the fire of Dionysus in your soul. That is why, as any gentleman knows, no…