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Some recent “Extended Mind” papers

Extended mind and after: socially extended mind and actor-network by Kono, Tetsuya Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science Personal Identity, Functionalism and the Extended Mind by Stanciu, Marius M Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences Minds as social institutions by Castelfranchi, Cristiano Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences Extended cognition and the explosion of knowledge by Ludwig,…

Outsourcing Your Mind

An interesting piece since it references literature beyond the canonical extended mind hypothesis. active externalismAndy ClarkArtificial intelligenceCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceconsciousnessDavid ChalmersExtended MindExternalismphilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mind

David Chalmers and Andy Clark Interview

This from the New Philosopher. Andy’s colleagues at Edinburgh in the epistemology department proposed the extended knowledge project, where you start thinking of knowledge as this extended process that involves interaction with the environment. I’ve been calling it stigmergic epistemology. active externalismAndy ClarkCognitionCognitive sciencecomplexityconsciousnessDavid ChalmersEmbodied cognitionExtended MindExternalismphilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindsocial epistemologyStigmergy

Affordances and the musically extended mind

Here’s an interesting article, the first EM article of the year, from Joel Krueger (Joel by the way also contributed to the Zygon syposium on EM). CognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceconsciousnessdistributed cognitionEmbodied cognitionExtended MindExternalismjoel kruegermusicphenomenologyphilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mind

Feeling Extended

Here is yet another recent EMT or HEC book that I chanced upon. Andy ClarkCognitionCognitive neuroscienceCognitive sciencecomplexityconsciousnessDavid Chalmersdistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgeEmbodied cognitionExtended MindExternalismphilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindqualiasituated cognition