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It was the third of September

A classic of funkedelia and social commentary that the groovy set were/and still are tone deaf to. Some insight into it’s recording can be found here.   acid funkacid soulBarrett Strongdennis edwardsLarry Eldernorman whitfieldregressive lefttemptations

Funk’n’stein: all day long

I’m reasonably secure in my knowledge of old school (’70s) acid funk and try and keep apprised of recent stuff as well, so I’m amazed that I hadn’t heard of these millennial funksters. Having listened to a shitload of their stuff online, I think that Funk’n’stein have got the “right stuff” unlike many of the “wedding-dance-funk” bands,…

Sly @ 75

It’s against all the odds that Sly, one of the doyens of acid funk, is still with us. Looking forward to seeing On the Sly. acid funkpsychedelic funkpsychedelic soulsly and the family stonesly stone

Funky Friday: Soul Messages From Dimona

Nothing like some top-notch acid-gospel-funk to set one up for the weekend, indeed a vital soundscape on reentry each morning. Joe Tangari of Pitchfork gets it, as do Thom Jurek of Allmusic, John Kirby of Wax Poetics, and Gabriel Baker of PopMatters. Listen here, here, and YouTube. acid funkacid soulgospelmusicpsychedelic soulSons of the KingdomSoul Messages From Dimonathe Soul Messengersthe Spirit…