Kafka’s Last Trial

Christoph Irmscher reviews the newly published book by Benjamin Balint — Kafka’s Last Trial — that sets out the tortuous fate of Kafka’s literary estate. Benjamin BalintFranz KafkaMax Brodphilosophical literature

Brentano, Kafka and Hayek

While working on a Barry Smith related project I was reminded of two fascinating papers by this incredibly productive, eclectic and just downright decent and responsive bloke whose work in ontology has had real and positive practical import for medical science. As you might be aware, many philosophers these days are in the business of self-aggrandizement, “activism posing as…

Kafka: The Early Years

Warm review of supposedly definitive biography. His Kafka is, not surprisingly, a complex man, tormented by all the well-documented demons, but also someone who liked to have fun and drink beer, a fan of both movie houses and brothels. Franz Kafkaphilosophical literatureReiner Stach

What makes something “Kafkaesque”?

You can always tell employees of the government by the total vacancy which occupies the space where most other people have faces — John Kennedy Toole, A Confederacy of Dunces [t]he bewildering mechanisms of power in stories such as The Trial also “point to something much more sinister”—the idea that arcane bureaucracies become self-perpetuating and…

Kafka’s Metamorphosis Turns 100

Micah White in Biography. Kafka used this grotesque scenario as a springboard to explore the confusion and turmoil he experienced as a human living in an uncontrollable modern world. As our world is just as disorderly and unruly as Kafka’s, if not more so, we would be wise to keep The Metamorphosis in mind and…