Is Jordan Peterson an original thinker?

Marc Champagne’s latest podcast outlines the disingenuous sour-grapes attitude that is characteristic of the clerisy who have only recently become fully aware that their institutionalized monopoly has been severely corroded and depreciated — it’s quite palpable just how out of joint their noses are. Long before the web, the seeds of their own destruction had already been sown internally, but that’s another story for the sociology of professionalized higher education. It’s quite cringe-making when one hears them trying to come over as web savvy, when in point of fact, they are two and a half years behind the curve, which in web time, might as well be a lifetime. The upshot being that they are oblivious as to just how bleak things are looking for them. They have only scratched the surface of substantive long-form web “talking heads” content and certainly don’t have the time to keep abreast of things — so they resort to cheap shots, the mark of rattled protectionism.