Canada’s Greatest Public Intellectual

Jordan Peterson is Canada’s greatest public intellectual, not by design (he doesn’t have the self-aggrandizing tendencies of other “academics”), but has had to assume this mantle merely by being thrust into the spotlight by the PC fuckwittery at the University of Toronto and the Ontario Human Rights Commission. Well they fucked with the wrong guy; someone who is not cowardly, someone who is actually thoughtful rather than just peddling some off-the-rack position — and that’s most fortunate for us because he is helping shoulder the burden that Gad Saad has been carrying for quite some time. With all the attention of late, Jordan seemed very tired earlier this year (I do hope Jordan is back on form in the forthcoming Sam Harris chat revisited). Bravo to Jordan’s colleague Oren Amitay at Ryerson for inviting him to speak last November and taking on the junk science of the gender studies pseudos — recent case in point (at Ryerson as it happens, the most brazen of ideological tripe):

Well done to Josephine for having the gumption and independent-mindedness to call this out. This issue aside, Jordan touches on the common law tradition (a spontaneous order) that was deeply corroded by the hyper rationalist Trudeau I and which is being fully prosecuted by his SJW glove-puppet empty cipher of a son. My dear Canadians, if you treasure genuine liberality (and science) you really should listen fully to this discussion: it’s time to wake up before it’s too late and a beautiful thing has been irrevocably damaged. At around 13:45 Jordan crisply explains the ever decreasing circles of identity politics logic — a tortuous, pointless and destructive way of arriving back to the Scottish Enlightenment notion of the individual, historically the moral DNA of Canada. Speaking of which, Jewish Canadians specifically need to wake up and not let their typically well meaning regressive stances license their own demise. Pursuant to Trudeau’s pandering to “the religion of peace” Jordan is absolutely spot on with this tweet: