Sargon of Akkad: The Week in Stupid

If current mainstream pundits, academics and journalists had just 10% of the analytic skills, cultural and historical context, ideological balance and intellectual honesty that the heterodox Sargon of Akkad (a nom de plume of course) provides, my regressive chums (and their bête noires) wouldn’t seem so pompous, dull, and lazy — each polarity participating in the same Platonic form of fuckwittery. Of course, the virtue signalers, by definition, haven’t the inclination to listen closely to more than 5 minutes and based upon that, will offer up some one-dimensional collecting feature (typically a smear and in trying to be hip invoke the terms “troll” or “shitposter”) that they think SoA must fall under — that’s why rationalists are rationalists — they couldn’t give a flying fuck about the fine-grained complexity of sociality. Anyway, here’s a superb example of his work in his The Week in Stupid series. Having listened to many hours of Sargon, I can imagine him and Ricky Gervais hitting it off in sparking, funny and scathing conversation — the way it should be.