Rolling Stones @ 50

Two of the highlights:

Satisfaction left off because of stringent O2 time constraints.

Telegraph Review

Right about now the Stones’ 50th anniversary shows in London should kick off. My man on the inside tells me that the set list so far:

Set list so far :

1-Wanna be your man
2-Get of off my cloud
3-It’s All Over Now
4-Paint It Black
5-Gimme Shelter
6-Wild Horses
7-All Down The Line
8-Going Down (Beck)
9-Out Of Control
10-One more shot
11-Doom and gloom
12-It’s only rock n’ roll (Wyman)
13-Honky Tonk Woman (Wyman) (Lisa Fischer)

Here is Ed Bradley chatting to them at the 40th mark. Of interest to me is the snippet of Mick and Charlie participating in a second line (@ 6:06). Having just read Philip Norman’s biography, it is easy now to see that Jagger while super bright and articulate is essentially unknowable or elusive, except to Keith, who is as charming and articulate, but with wisdom and warm.

Here is the just released BBC two parter – onetwo