Spontaneous order

Jazz, Emergence and Complexity

Very pleased to find others that see the connections.

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The Oxford Handbook of Austrian Economics

Coming soon.

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What is this “new” New Orleans?

Larry Blumenfeld reports: During a press conference at last year’s Jazz & Heritage Festival, Mayor Landrieu told me, “There is a way to organize culture without killing it.” Those words…

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Hayek’s Modern Family: Classical Liberalism and the Evolution of Social Institutions

Steve Horwitz’ long awaited book. I look at the ongoing debate over parenting in the United States, asking whether we are raising a nation of wimps rather than free-range kids….

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Goodbye to the genius who changed the way we think (and you didn’t know even know it)

John Holland’s obituary by Scott Page (H/T Melanie Mitchell) John Holland’s complexity studies helped us understand what this complex bacterial colony has in common with your brain, political theory, ants,…

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The Ant Trap: Rebuilding the Foundations of the Social Sciences

Any book endorsed by Christian List must be taken notice of, the introductory chapter available here along with the OUP webpage. Contrary to the extracts below I think we actually have a very…

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Engineering Human Stigmergy

A recent paper freely available in IJCCC.

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