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Of Love and Politics

Aurelian Craiutu reviews Oakeshott’s Notebooks, 1922-86. I don’t share the view that: If Oakeshott were alive today, he would welcome the fact that “the politics of faith” against which he wrote memorable pages seem to have lost some of its appeal. I think that the centre has not held at all and is at its narrowest band…


Some Bernard Williams Quotes

Talent is a flame. Genius is a fire. Utilitarians are often immensely conscientious people, who work for humanity and give up meat for the sake of the animals. They think this is what they morally ought to do and feel guilty if they do not live up to their own standard. They do not, and…



New issue just published. Of particular interest is Benjamin Jarvis’ “Epistemology and Radically Extended Cognition.” I have long since made the case that externalism has much to offer (social) epistemology. This paper concerns the relationship between epistemology and radically extended cognition. Radically extended cognition (REC) – as advanced by Andy Clark and David Chalmers – is…


Philosophizing the Social Brain

The in-press intro to the themed issue on philosophical approaches to social neuroscience, freely available here. CognitionCognitive neuroscienceconsciousnessMindreadingMoral psychologyPhil RobbinsPhilosophyPhilosophy of mindsituated cognitionsocial epistemologySocial Neuroscience