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Philosophy of mind

A Neurophenomenology of Awe and Wonder

Coming soon featuring the very excellent Shaun Gallagher. Shaun is contributing to our Philosophical Approaches to Social Neuroscience issue.

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Philosophical Approaches to Social Neuroscience

Forthcoming in Cognitive Systems Research Looking Beyond the Brain: Social Neuroscience meets Narrative Practice Daniel D. Hutto and Michael D. Kirchhoff Beyond sensorimotor segregation: On mirror neurons and social affordance space tracking…

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Evan’s latest reviewed in the Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

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The World Beyond Your Head

Reviews in The New Yorker, The Guardian, The National Review (interview) of Matthew Crawford’s The World Beyond Your Head.   True freedom requires that “the actor is in touch with the world and…

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Minds, Models and Milieux: Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon

Coming soon — contributors include Katherine Simon Frank, Robert Rupert, Gerd Gigerenzer, Ron Sun, Morris Altman, Massimo Egidi, Mie Augier and several others. This book is a collection of specially commissioned chapters from philosophers, economists, political and…

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Andy Clark: What ‘Extended Me’ Knows

Recent talk by Andy.

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Hayek and the hermeneutics of mind

Recent article from Francesco Di Iorio in anticipation of his forthcoming book.

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