Systems and Complexity Thinking in the General Practice Literature: An Integrative, Historical Narrative Review

Here’s an interesting survey article. My regular collaborator (a pathologist, special adivisor for planning for a large medical school and a complexity theorist — all one person I might add)…

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What Drives Continuing Evolution of Careers in Medicine and Healthcare?

This by my colleague and regular co-author from the UBCMJ | SEPTEMBER 2012 4(1). As you will see, Dave has a rather unusual quality of mind in that he has…

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Experts and Epistemic Monopolies

Having just received copies of the book in which our paper appears, here is another excuse to plug both our paper and the rest of the book’s contents. Here is…

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Science, the Market and Iterative Knowledge

The second paper co-authored with Dave Hardwick has now been published in Studies in Emergent Order: Abstract: In a recent paper (Hardwick & Marsh, in press) we examine the recent…

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