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A New Look at Michael Oakeshott

Lee Auspitz looks at the recent spate of Oakeshottiana in the Claremont Review of Books Spring 2014, Vol. XIV, No. 2: 54-59.

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Review of Franco-Marsh Companion

Review essay of A Companion to Michael Oakeshott CONVERSATIONS WITH MICHAEL OAKESHOTT – AN INTERLUDE TO OAKESHOTT SCHOLARSHIP by Suvi Soininen Redescriptions: yearbook of political thought, conceptual history and feminist theory. 2012/2013,…

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Oakeshott Association Conference Programme

Here is the programme for the MOA meeting at Colorado College.

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In the Name of the People: Pseudo-Democracy and the Spoiling of our World

Here is my chum Ivo Mosley’s latest book. In addition to his writing career (poetry, plays, social commentary) Ivo was a highly distinguished ceramicist – see the wonderful photo of him…

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Oakeshott on the History of Political Thought

Martyn’s essay opens the second half of the Companion. The fact that nonhistorical elements were interwoven into the lecture course strongly suggests that Oakeshott was doing something other than offering…

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Michael Oakeshott on the History of Political Thought

Martyn Thompson’s contribution to the Companion: My concern is twofold. First, I shall outline what I take Oakeshott to have meant by the phrase “the history of political thought” and…

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