Bringing Philosophy Back: 4e Cognition and the Argument from Phenomenology

If the science is willing to allow that cognition can be embodied, embedded, enacted and/or extended then cognition is, or can be, some or all of these things. If it is not willing allow this, then they cannot.

If cognition isn’t at least embodied WTF are we taking about?

Well put Mark Rowlands!



The Philosophy of Dance

Here’s a new entry to the SEP. The photos below are of my favourite dancer of all time — the one and only Sylvie Guillem. I’ve heard that she’s been criticized because she came from a gymnastics background. Sour grapes really just because she pushed the bounds . . . because she could. She was physically stronger than all others and always took complete charge of her career with pieces especially written with her in mind. No glove puppet SG.

Dance is underrepresented in philosophical aesthetics. This means that, as a whole, the philosophical aesthetics of dance lacks the full range of views that one can find in more developed field of aesthetics such as literature or music.



Retrieving Realism

Speaking of Being in the World this (prima facie) is what one would call a philosophy publishing event.



In Search Of A Science Of Consciousness

Alva Noë discusses Evan Thompson’s Waking, Dreaming, Being: Self and consciousness in neuroscience, meditation, and philosophy.