David Hume

Modern Greatness of Soul in Hume and Smith

Lovely essay by Andrew Corsa (H/T to Eric Schliesser)

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Retrieving Realism

Speaking of Being in the World this (prima facie) is what one would call a philosophy publishing event.

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Adam Smith as a Scottish Philosopher

Below is the intro to Gordon Graham’s chapter. Was Adam Smith a Scottish philosopher? The question seems an odd one. He was a philosopher and he was Scottish. What more could…

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Probability is the Very Guide of Life

Bishop Butler’s quote “Probability is the Very Guide of Life” (Joseph Butler, The Analogy of Religion, Natural and Revealed, to the Constitution and Course of Nature (Charlottesville: Ibis, n.d.), is one…

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The Avuncular David Hume

Hume is on my mind especially in regard to my current work on Adam Smith. To this end, I’ve been re-watching Bryan Magee’s series The Great Philosophers from ’87. I’ve especially…

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Hayek’s Post-Positivist Empiricism: Experience Beyond Sensation

Here is Jan Willem Lindemans‘ intro and conclusion to his chapter: The philosophical foundations of Hayek’s works are not beyond dispute (Caldwell, 1992; Gray, 1984; Hutchison, 1992; Kukathas, 1989): was…

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Smith on the death of Hume

Letter from Adam Smith, LL.D. to William Strachan, Esq. Kirkaldy, Fifeshire, Nov. 9, 1776. DEAR SIR,— It is with a real, though a very melancholy pleasure, that I sit down…

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