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Making Visible “the Invisible Hand”: The Mission of Social Simulation

Cristiano Castelfranchi’s interesting article. For more on the invisible hand see Propriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith with the following contributions: Metaphor Made Manifest: Taking Seriously…

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Can Government Be Self-Organized?

A new co-authored paper by the very versatile Tom Froese. The model is in agreement with the traditional assumption that collective action is faced by serious problems without centralized hierarchical…

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General theory of stigmergy: Modelling stigma semantics

New “review” paper in CSR.

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Systems and Complexity Thinking in the General Practice Literature: An Integrative, Historical Narrative Review

Here’s an interesting survey article. My regular collaborator (a pathologist, special adivisor for planning for a large medical school and a complexity theorist — all one person I might add)…

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Cosmos & Taxis: Vancouver 2013

Photos from the conference: an unqualified success.

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Cosmos & Taxis: Launch

Today marks the start of the Cosmos & Taxis conference to launch the associated journal. In attendance will be philosophers, economists, political scientists, sociologists, English profs, complexity theorists, computer scientists,…

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Cosmos & Taxis

I want to bring your attention to a new journal that has just been launched.

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