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Colin McGinn

The Case for Teaching Ignorance

This in the NYT — H/T to Troy Camplin In a paper from a few years ago I had a section in a chapter in Hayek and Behavioral Economics that…

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Bernard Williams’ Descartes and others on Williams

There was a minor philosopher in the 19th century who was described as the janitor of the Hegelian system, and there are many today who similarly become janitors of their…

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The Nature Of Consciousness: A Question Without An Answer?

This slight piece from NPR

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Hayek, Hebb, and Heisenberg: Toward an Approach to Brain Functioning

Here’s the second of the extracts from a bona fide neuroscientist (and friend of Fuster). Gerald Edelman of course is also someone who recognized Hayek’s genius in this area. ….

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London Aesthetics Forum

The LAF is putting on two lectures that would have great appeal to me: One of my favourite philosophers, Colin McGinn, on Hand, Mind and Language: In what ways might the…

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The Emerging Science of Consciousness: Mind, Brain and the Human Experience

Daniel Kahneman and David Chalmers on this panel. There are other discussions of relevance as well on this site.

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Ian McFetridge

For some reason the late brilliant, though relatively unknown philosopher, Ian McFetridge popped into my consciousness (on reflection, the thought could have been triggered by my thinking about a school…

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