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The Case for Teaching Ignorance

This in the NYT — H/T to Troy Camplin In a paper from a few years ago I had a section in a chapter in Hayek and Behavioral Economics that deals with this notion, a curtain-raiser to a more detailed examination. Taking Ignorance Seriously As already indicated the other component to thinking about complexity resides…


London Aesthetics Forum

The LAF is putting on two lectures that would have great appeal to me: One of my favourite philosophers, Colin McGinn, on Hand, Mind and Language: In what ways might the human hand have contributed to the evolution of the human mind and human language? To what extent do we have a “manual mind”? Could spoken…


Ian McFetridge

For some reason the late brilliant, though relatively unknown philosopher, Ian McFetridge popped into my consciousness (on reflection, the thought could have been triggered by my thinking about a school chum who had a McFetridge kind of intelligence and wit but sadly was never to even begin to reach his potential). Anyway, Ian conducted my…