Cognitive science

Dreams and Dreaming

Here is a just published lengthy entry in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.

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The World Beyond Your Head or How to Survive Brain-Eating Distractions

This from the New York Times. Yet another player on the externalist bandwagon but at least he seems rather more distinctive given his background and interests. Mr. Crawford skips quickly…

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Hayek: Cognitive Scientist Avant La Lettre

From Advances in Austrian Economics PROLOGUE It is probably no more justified to claim that thinking man has created his culture than that culture created his reason (Hayek, 1952/1979, p….

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The consciousness myth

Nice paper from Galen Strawson. Hayek’s The Sensory Order (1952) is missing though (salient extract below). See also Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology. Hayek’s discussion of the mind–body problem speaks…

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Art, Aesthetics, and the Brain

Coming soon.

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Sweet Dreams: Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness

Old review. Dennett wrote me that he thought it the best written review he’d gotten in yonks. It’s been reprinted along the my other Dennett review in Daniel Dennett, Edited by…

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Uploading the mind

Yet another article on techno-ebullience.

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