UNSPECIFIED - JUNE 21:  Friedrich von Hayek (1889-1992) at the end of the 30's . Economist and principal theoretician of the new Liberal Thought from the 70's  (Photo by Apic/Getty Images)

Austrian Economics

Hayek’s Capital and Interest

Coming in November.

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Gray assesses Hayek’s life and work. For those interested in the Encounter piece “My Cousin, Ludwig Wittgenstein” here it is. Equally, and perhaps also happily, Thatcher had no understanding of…

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How We Came Back: Voices from Post-Katrina New Orleans

New book from a strong Austrian perspective.

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In Austrian Economic Perspectives on Individualism and Society: Moving Beyond Methodological Individualism In this chapter our aim is to rescue the meaning of liberty from the ministrations of its misguided…

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Wittgenstein and Hayek

My Cousin, Ludwig Wittgenstein — a lovely memoir (see family tree below). The first extract below (The New Yorker) reminded me of the Percy legacy (second extract). Wittgenstein, once asked a…

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C + T 2:2

Latest issue

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A Danse Macabre of Wants and Satisfactions: Hayek, Oakeshott, Liberty, and Cognition

Just published in Austrian Economic Perspectives on Individualism and Society: Moving Beyond Methodological Individualism

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