What Do Ants Know That We Don’t?

This from Wired. During the 130 million years or so that ants have been around, evolution has tuned ant colony algorithms to deal with the variability and constraints set by…

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An Evaluation of the Model of Stigmergy in a RoboCup Rescue Multiagent System

ADVANCES IN ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE A lot of scientists study the behavior of insect’s colony like ants, wasps and bees. Through these researches, it is possible to establish patterns used by…

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Stigmergy 3.0: From Ants to Economies

Marge and my intro now available as an uncorrected proof. Stay tuned for the rest of the papers comprising this special issue. According to Andy Clark “[M]uch of what goes on…

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Particle swarm optimization

The latest issue of Swarm Intelligence is now available featuring this paper “A speculative approach to parallelization in particle swarm optimization.” The original formulation of PSO is due to Kennedy,…

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From Ants to Economies

Readers with some familiarity with the eclectic content found on this website will be aware that the humble ant features strongly. Here is an article that offers a brief and accessible…

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