Adam Smith

Cognitive Autonomy and Methodological Individualism

Forthcoming from my chum and endorsed by none other than Barry Smith.

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Philosophy of markets

The very excellent Lisa Herzog interviewed here. H/T to Eric Schliesser. The cliché is that Smith is a “negative liberty” guy and Hegel a “positive liberty” guy. In fact, both have…

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Smith on Smith

Last but by no means least here is an extract from Vernon’s Smith’s foreword. This book is a welcome addition to the resurgent scholarly and practical interest in Adam Smith’s…

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Smith, Justice and the Scope of the Political

The intro to the final chapter — by Craig Smith There was a time when many commentators thought that there was a problem with Adam Smith. The tendency to read…

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The Spontaneous Order and the Family

The intro to Lauren Hall’s chapter. Smith scholarship is conflicted on whether the apparent conflict between self-interest in the Wealth of Nations (WN) and sympathy in the Theory of Moral Sentiments…

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Instincts and the Invisible Order: The Possibility of Progress

The intro to Jonathan Wight’s chapter. The invisible hand means a variety of things to modern writers, who use the phrase loosely to imply the market, the price system, efficiency,…

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Modern Greatness of Soul in Hume and Smith

Lovely essay by Andrew Corsa (H/T to Eric Schliesser)

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