Troy Camplin

Troy Camplin Reviews Napoleon in America

A terrific highly thoughtful review of Napoleon in America by the renaissance man that is Troy Camplin. Be sure to check out Troy’s eclectic blog and his book Diaphysics. Many will know that I’m a great…

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Getting to the Hayekian Network

Here is Troy Camplin’s intro to his paper for Hayek in Mind. In many ways this paper is necessarily an introduction. I want to introduce away to understand F. A….

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Hayek in Mind: Editorial Introduction

Here is an uncorrected proof (do not cite) of my introduction to Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology. Further details will be made available just as soon as the publisher…

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Trailing Hayek in Mind

Here is the table of contents for my forthcoming (in press) edited volume focusing on The Sensory Order – this is the first salvo of shameless promotion. CONTENTS “SOCIALIZING” THE…

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From The Sensory Order to the Moral Order

Check out Troy Camplin‘s just published article in NOMOI: Revista Digital sobre Epistemología, Teoría del Conocimiento y Ciencias Cognitivas No. 1 – Año 2010. (Scroll down to p. 3).

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Studies in Emergent Order

I want to bring your attention to the first issue of the on-line journal Studies in Emergent Order (papers are freely available). I was privileged to attend the recent conference…

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