In its most generic formulation, stigmergy (an optimization technique) is the phenomenon of indirect communication mediated by modifications of the environment.

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Human-Human Stigmergy

UNCORRECTED proofs now available here. Complex systemscomplexitydistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgeEmergenceExtended Mindhuman-human stigmergynetwork theorysocial cognitionSpontaneous orderstigmergicstigmergic cognitionstigmergic epistemologyStigmergy


Graffiti, Street Art and Stigmergy

Lachlan MacDowall’s chapter in The Uses of Art in Public Space. The chapter explores how graffiti and street art function in public space by considering their relationship to the notion of stigmergy, a theory derived from insect behaviour that explains how the actions of individual agents within populations are coordinated without direct communication. The application…


Human-Human Stigmergy

Coming soon in Cognitive Systems Research 1. Francis Heylighen Stigmergy as a Universal Coordination Mechanism I: Definition and Components 2. Francesco Bolici, James Howison and Kevin Crowston Stigmergic Coordination in FLOSS Development Teams: Integrating Explicit and Implicit Mechanisms 3. Ted G. Lewis and Richard Begin Imitation and Novelty in Product Development 4. Rodrigo Nieto-Gomez Stigmergy at the…


Engineering Human Stigmergy

A recent paper freely available in IJCCC. antscoordination problemdistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgehuman-human stigmergySpontaneous orderstigmergicstigmergic cognitionstigmergic epistemologyStigmergySwarm behavior

Embracing the Creativity of Stigmergy in Social Insects

One of the doyens of stigmergic computational intelligence. There is no master architect, nor even a supervisor in these colonies. Grassé has shown that the key information required to ensure the coordination of building actions performed by insects is provided by their previously achieved work: the architecture itself. Grassé coined the term ‘stigmergy’ from the Greek…