stigmergic cognition

Swarm and Fuzzy

Stigmergy gets a bit of a mention in Newsweek. Swarms often work by “stigmergy,” a term coined by French biologist Pierre-Paul Grassé in 1959 to describe termite behavior. He defined…

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Stigmergic Flows

Here’s is a series of excellent stigmergic renderings.

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General theory of stigmergy: Modelling stigma semantics

New “review” paper in CSR.

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Stigmergy in robots

Podcast with Justin Werfel talking about building termite-inspired robots.

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The Stigmergy Game

Here is a recent open access article I came across entitled Co-Adaptation and the Emergence of Structure. Check out their “Stigmergy Game” model.

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Stigmergy, collective actions, and animal social spacing

A new paper by Giuggioli et al. in PNAS September 30, 2013 Abstract: Collective animal behavior studies have led the way in developing models that account for a large number of individuals,…

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Stigmergic epistemology, stigmergic cognition

Here is the intro and conclusion to Chris and my paper: To know is to cognize, to cognize is to be a culturally bounded, rationality-bounded and environmentally located agent. Knowledge and…

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