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In defence of spontaneous order: Hayek and libertarianism

The Economist  Abstract  According to Adam Smith, Friedrich Hayek and everyone else who knows what he or she is talking about, well-functioning markets depend, inter alia, upon clear property rights…

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Jane Jacobs as Spontaneous Order Theorist

H/T to Sanford Ikeda (click image for podcast). Sandy (with Gene Callahan) has written on this topic for C+T (issue 1:3): “Jane Jacobs’ Critique of Rationalism in Urban Planning”.

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Review of “Pops”

Here’s a review from the very excellent Journal of Jazz Studies. Along with Teachout’s “Pops” I can also highly recommend Ricky Riccardi’s What a Wonderful World: The Magic of Louis Armstrong’s…

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Hayek and Behavioral Economics: Mindscapes and Landscapes: Hayek and Simon on Cognitive Extension

I see that the publisher now has a fully detailed page up for a volume that I’ve been privileged to be a part of. The Foreword is by a very nice chappie…

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Originally posted on manwithoutqualities:
The second paper co-authored with Dave Hardwick has now been published in Studies in Emergent Order: Abstract: In a recent paper (Hardwick & Marsh, in press)…

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The tragic life of Eugène Marais

I first came across a reference to Eugène Marais in Andries Engelbrecht’s very excellent Computational Intelligence: An Introduction. See the links below for details about this highly unusual character. The Tragic Genius of Eugène Marais (The…

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