Philosophical Approaches to Social Neuroscience

Phil Robbins and I are the action editors for the following “in Press” papers. Will Retributivism Die and Will Neuroscience Kill It?  Iskra Fileva, Jonathan Tresan Reuse and body-formatted representations…

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Dynamic empathy: A new formulation for the simulation theory of mind reading

The intro to Teed Rockwell’s paper: There are currently two popular theories for explaining “mind reading” i.e. our ability to become aware of what other people are feeling and thinking, and to…

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Well, this article was inevitable – first mentioned here). Francis Heylighen has been talking about this for a few years now as has myself in discussing Hayek, distributed cognition and co-evolved mind…

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Three Rival Views of Tradition (Arendt, Oakeshott and MacIntyre)

A recent paper from Journal of the Philosophy of History.

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Hayek: born on this day

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Animal Mindreading

Kristin Andrews and Robert Lurz discuss animals and mindreading.

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Collective Intelligence 2012

Just under a week until the CI2012 shindig – as it so happens I’m busy co-writing a paper and co-editing a themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research on a species…

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