Dynamic empathy: A new formulation for the simulation theory of mind reading

The intro to Teed Rockwell’s paper: There are currently two popular theories for explaining “mind reading” i.e. our ability to become aware of what other people are feeling and thinking, and to…

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Well, this article was inevitable – first mentioned here). Francis Heylighen has been talking about this for a few years now as has myself in discussing Hayek, distributed cognition and co-evolved mind…

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Three Rival Views of Tradition (Arendt, Oakeshott and MacIntyre)

A recent paper from Journal of the Philosophy of History.

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Hayek: born on this day

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Animal Mindreading

Kristin Andrews and Robert Lurz discuss animals and mindreading.

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Collective Intelligence 2012

Just under a week until the CI2012 shindig – as it so happens I’m busy co-writing a paper and co-editing a themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research on a species…

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Hayek’s Self-organizing Mental Order and Folk-Psychological Theories of the Mind

Here is the Introduction to Chiara Chelini’s paper, the full version available here. Humans are social creatures and they deeply rely on mentalizing, which aims at understanding other people behaviours…

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