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In your face: transcendence in embodied interaction

A new open access article by Sean Gallagher (there currently seems to be some problem with the journal’s website but will hopefully be resolved). In cognitive psychology, studies concerning the…

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Cultural-historical activity theory and the zone of proximal development in the study of idioculture design and implementation

Robert Lecusay, Lars Rossen, and Michael Cole’s intro: The absence of context and culture from the early history of the cognitive sciences was, according to Gardner (1987), the result of…

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Dynamic empathy: A new formulation for the simulation theory of mind reading

The intro to Teed Rockwell’s paper: There are currently two popular theories for explaining “mind reading” i.e. our ability to become aware of what other people are feeling and thinking, and to…

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Consciousness and the social mind

Here is the intro to Phil’s piece. Emotion is a hot topic, getting hotter all the time. The reasons for this enthusiasm are various, but the growth of neuroscientific interest…

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Is Behavioral Economics Doomed?

Here is a skeptical take on the insights supposedly offered by the rise of behavioral economics as represented by Daniel Kahneman and others. Since I’m in the process of reviewing…

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Hayek and Behavioral Economics: Mindscapes and Landscapes: Hayek and Simon on Cognitive Extension

I see that the publisher now has a fully detailed page up for a volume that I’ve been privileged to be a part of. The Foreword is by a very nice chappie…

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Companion to Oakeshott

At last PSUP have published the contents.

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