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Radicalizing Enactivism: Basic Minds without Content

Check out this recently released book by Dan Hutto and Erik Myin. The book will be reviewed by the very excellent Tom Froese for The Journal of Mind & Behavior. Stay…

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Oakeshott and Hayek: Situating the Mind

Below are some excerpts from my paper – the excerpts chosen with a view to addressing the criticisms leveled by John Kekes. 1) Kekes writes: The third deficient essay is…

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Eroding the Boundaries of Cognition: Implications of Embodiment

Abstract of article to be found here. Also check out Mog Stapleton’s paper. To accept that cognition is embodied is to question many of the beliefs traditionally held by cognitive…

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Embodying the Mind and Representing the Body

Two papers of note from the special issue “The Body Represented/Embodied Representation” of Review of Philosophy and Psychology and one from the current issue: A Moderate Approach to Embodied Cognitive Science –…

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Is Behavioral Economics Doomed?

Here is a skeptical take on the insights supposedly offered by the rise of behavioral economics as represented by Daniel Kahneman and others. Since I’m in the process of reviewing…

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The Extended Mind and Religious Thought Revisted

Here’s plug for a collection of EM papers from about three years ago The Extended Mind by Mark Rowlands Abstract & Keywords Persons and the Extended-Mind Thesis by Lynne Rudder Baker Abstract…

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Hayek and Behavioral Economics: Mindscapes and Landscapes: Hayek and Simon on Cognitive Extension

I see that the publisher now has a fully detailed page up for a volume that I’ve been privileged to be a part of. The Foreword is by a very nice chappie…

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