self organizing systems

Stigmergy and emergent behaviour

This simulation from Jean Lievens.

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Hayek and Behavioral Economics: Mindscapes and Landscapes: Hayek and Simon on Cognitive Extension

I see that the publisher now has a fully detailed page up for a volume that I’ve been privileged to be a part of. The Foreword is by a very nice chappie…

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Collective Intelligence 2012

Just under a week until the CI2012 shindig – as it so happens I’m busy co-writing a paper and co-editing a themed issue of Cognitive Systems Research on a species…

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Hayek and the “Use of Knowledge in Society”

Here is a draft of my entry for the SAGE Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences.

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Spatio-Temporal Dynamics on Co-Evolved Stigmergy

Here’s a co-authored paper by one of the leading complexity theorists Vitorino Ramos.

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