Stigmergy Structures and Yom Kippur

Here is a rather obscure and confused invocation of stigmergy. Our habits, the way we present ourselves to others and the persona we have created, our social context – all…

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The Fate of Rationalism in Oakeshott’s Thought

Here is Ken Minogue’s intro paragraph to his essay in the Companion to Michael Oakeshott (I recently had dinner with Ken and am pleased to report that he is doing…

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Non cogito, ergo sum

This from Intelligent Life.

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Hayek: born on this day

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Hayek’s Post-Positivist Empiricism: Experience Beyond Sensation

The intro from Jan Willem Lindemans’ paper: The philosophical foundations of Hayek’s works are not beyond dispute (Gray, 1984, Kukathas, 1989, Caldwell, 1992, Hutchison, 1992): was Hayek a rationalist or…

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Rationalism in Politics

In anticipation of a talk I’m giving later on in the week on Oakeshott’s so-called “dispositional conservatism”, here is a nice little piece by my chum Gene Callahan serving as…

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Cosmos and Taxis

I chanced upon this painting entitled “Cosmos and Taxis“. The inspiration is, of course, as the artist states: One effect of our habitually identifying order with a made order or…

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