Confusing Tastes with Flavours

Philosophy of mind meets gastronomy.

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What Mary Didn’t Know

If the title and the video has no resonance then check out Jackson’s later eponymously titled paper. For a conspectus of the industry generated by Jackson’s thought experiment see Qualia: The…

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Master Sniffer and the Science of Smell

Check out this article by Wayne Curtis and this article by philosopher Louise Richardson.

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Zombie Blues @ Qualia Fest

Where Theory and Research Meet to Jam About the Mind  

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Hubig’s Pies

It’s been just over a week since Hubig’s Pies burnt to the ground. To get a sense of the importance of this institution here is no less the NYT and the local…

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Biking, boozing and nosebagging

Once one has worked the brashness and tat of Bourbon Street through one’s system the best way to discover NOLA is to take a bicycle tour through the Confederacy of Cruisers….

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Of the External Senses

This essay is well worth a read. H/T to Brian Glenney for bringing it to my attention (I hang my head in shame for not having read it before).

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