philosophy of science

Philosophy of Social Science: A New Introduction

Recently released.

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Why Study Philosophy?

This from The Atlantic.

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Hayek and the “Use of Knowledge in Society”

Here is an advance listing of the forthcoming volume Encyclopedia of Philosophy and the Social Sciences masterly edited by my chum Byron Kaldis. My contribution: Hayek and the “Use of Knowledge in…

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Jack Smart

Here’s an obituary by the ever excellent Jane O’Grady.

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Philosophy and physics

The conversation continues . . . Allow me to quote Nietzsche (although I know that will be considered by some to be in bad taste): “As the circle of science…

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Philosophy is “dead” editorial

From The Guardian – here as well.

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Science, the Market and Iterative Knowledge

The second paper co-authored with Dave Hardwick has now been published in Studies in Emergent Order: Abstract: In a recent paper (Hardwick & Marsh, in press) we examine the recent…

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