moral philosophy

WOULD You Kill the Fat Man?

When moral dilemmas are posed in a foreign language, people become more coolly utilitarian — The Economist

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Treating people as ends in themselves

Christine Korsgaard interview.

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Bernard Williams

I’ve just had the occasion to read a posthumously published paper by Bernard Williams. One is reminded what a top-notch mind he was, steering a balance between the worst excesses…

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Welcome to the machine

Lead article from the latest Economist.

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Morals and markets

Sandel plugging his latest. The journalist’s quote below has much resonance to me. Even to a toddler’s mind, the logic of the transaction was evidently clear – if he had…

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Like-Minded: Externalism and Moral Psychology

A recent book in the EM genre.

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Free will

Two articles on that old philosophical chestnut – free will: one from Intelligent Life (neurons v. free will) and one from the sister title, the Economist (Free will and politics).

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