Jerry Fodor

Hayek’s Speculative Psychology, The Neuroscience of value Estimation, and the Basis of Normative Individualism

Here’s the opening paragraph of Don Ross’ paper from Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology. Philosophers of mind who re-visit Friedrich Hayek’s The Sensory Order almost sixty years after its publication…

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Schneider’s “The Language of Thought”

Here is another excellent interview from the New Books in Philosophy website.

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The Mind as Neural Software?

Here is a superb paper by Gualtiero Piccinini that brings much needed clarity to a longstanding issue. A penultimate ms can be found here. As a consequence, when the behavior of ordinary…

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Clark’s reply to Fodor

This hot off the press. Jerry Fodor, you may recall, reviewed Andy Clark’s latest work Supersizing the Mind in the London Review of Books. In the latest issue, Clark uses…

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Fodor on Clark

Jerry Fodor reviews Andy Clark’s Supersizing the Mind in the London Review of Books. Dave Chalmers responds on his blog.

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