Hayek and the Left

Simon Kaye’s interesting posting. After all, freedom is an essentially contested concept, and Hayek’s insistence on the importance of individual liberty need not be wholly incompatible with the various underpinning…

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Hayek on Mill

Just published

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How Artificial is Intelligence in AI? Arguments for a Non-discriminatory Turing test

Another paper by Jack Birner.

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F. A. Hayek’s The Sensory Order: An Evolutionary Perspective?

A new paper by Jack Birner

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Hayek in Mind: Hayek’s Philosophical Psychology

It’s been two years since this volume was published.

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Hayek in The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy

It’s about time that Hayek had a dedicated entry in the SEP. I’ve been “lobbying” for FAH’s inclusion for some time now. Here is the stated brief of the article:…

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Hayek in Beijing

This from the WSJ  “The Road to Serfdom.” Hayek’s book, he explains, was originally translated into Chinese in 1962 as “an ‘internal reference’ for top leaders,” meaning it was forbidden…

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