The Moral Philosophy of T.H. Green

It’s been some 25 years since my chum Geoff Thomas’ book was published. It holds the unusual distinction of being one of the very few Phds to be recommended to…

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Treating people as ends in themselves

Christine Korsgaard interview.

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Welcome to the machine

Lead article from the latest Economist.

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Morals and markets

Sandel plugging his latest. The journalist’s quote below has much resonance to me. Even to a toddler’s mind, the logic of the transaction was evidently clear – if he had…

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Like-Minded: Externalism and Moral Psychology

A recent book in the EM genre.

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Gilbert Harman Interview

Gilbert Harman on Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, and Ethics.

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Scanlon on Libertarianism and Liberty

Thomas Scanlon in the Boston Review on “How Not to Argue for Limited Government and Lower Taxes“

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