Synthetic Genome

Here is the Science announcement that is causing quite a stir. This is “a defining moment in the history of biology and biotechnology,” says Mark Bedau, a philosopher at Reed College in Portland, Oregon,…

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Pinker’s Parts: Past, Present and Future?

I came across this article in The New York Times. January 11, 2009  I’m pasting it in since access may well be denied. My Genome, My Self By STEVEN PINKER ONE OF…

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An Economist’s Insight

Roger Koppl was been banging on about knowledge monopolies for the last year or so. I’ve heard comments to the effect: “What business is it of an economist meddling in the…

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What’s Wrong With CSI

I’ve had several requests to make this recent article available despite it still being freely available on the Forbes site (I know there have been some annoying pop-up advertisement windows.) Anyway,…

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