distributed cognition

Externalism in Philosophical Issues

Several papers relating to extended mind, collective belief and extended knowledge in Philosophical Issues. Not one mention of Hayek . . . and minimal network or complexity theory. Still, a very…

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Distributed Cognition in the Analytic and Continental Traditions

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Media Distribution & Disruptive Technologies

One of the most insightful industry commentators talks about the Popcorn “bomb” and the company I’m involved with — mediAm.

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Empowered by mediAm

Drawing upon developments in social epistemology, behavioral economics, social neuroscience, philosophy of mind, philosophy of social science, network science and computational intelligence, this is a practical instantiation of knowledge transmission,…

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Couples as socially distributed cognitive systems

An interesting article by the excellent team of Harris, Barnier, Sutton and Keil

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Onwards and Upwards with the Extended Mind: From Individual to Collective Epistemic Action

Yet more EM.

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Substituting the Senses

Check out this essay forthcoming from the power team of Clark, Kilverstein and Farina. Sensory substitution devices are a type of sensory prosthesis that (typically) convert visual stimuli transduced by…

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