Social systems: complex adaptive loci of cognition

Recent working paper — Hayek even cited with some Austrians along with Edelman and Maturana and Varela.

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Complexity and social sciences

Another recent paper from Jack Birner.

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Can Government Be Self-Organized?

A new co-authored paper by the very versatile Tom Froese. The model is in agreement with the traditional assumption that collective action is faced by serious problems without centralized hierarchical…

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CFP: Cosmos + Taxis

The interdisciplinary journal Cosmos + Taxis is issuing a call for papers for its second conference on spontaneous orders, to be held at the Rochester Institute of Technology from May…

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Book of Extremes: Why the 21st Century Isn’t Like the 20th Century

Check out this just released book by a collaborator, the most excellent Ted Lewis. Life in the 21st century is a long-tailed random walk — Levy walks — through extreme events…

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Systems and Complexity Thinking in the General Practice Literature: An Integrative, Historical Narrative Review

Here’s an interesting survey article. My regular collaborator (a pathologist, special adivisor for planning for a large medical school and a complexity theorist — all one person I might add)…

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Design vs. the Design Industry: Conflicts in Emergent Orders

Here is Joanna Boehnert’s recent paper. Check out Jody’s EchoLabs blog.

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