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Natural-Born Cyborgs: Minds, Technologies, and the Future of Human Intelligence

Old review

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If a dog could talk, we could not understand him

This famous phrase of Wittgenstein (substitute lion for dog) seems to be salient here. Alva Noë takes on yet another one of those techno-ebullient MRI studies.

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Frege’s puzzle and Frege cases: Defending a quasi-syntactic solution

Here is the intro to Rob’s article: There is no doubt that social interaction plays an important role in language-learning, as well as in concept acquisition. In surprising contrast, social…

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The social-cognitive dynamics of metaphor performance

Here is the into to Raymond and Lynne’s paper: Any extended analysis of everyday talk reveals the presence of stretches of language that convey metaphorical meaning. Consider, as one example,…

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The MIT Encyclopedia Of The Cognitive Sciences (MITECS)

There are many pretenders around, but this really is still the best. And I hear that an update is in the works.

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Stigmergic Coverage Algorithm for Multi-Robot Systems

A nice simulation from the Maastricht Swarm Lab See also the great video posted by Simon Garnier of  The Swarm Lab @ NJIT

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Dreamless Sleep, Embodied Cognition, and Consciousness: The Relevance of a Classical Indian Debate to Cognitive Science

A terrific talk (see abstract below) by Evan Thompson as a curtain raiser to his forthcoming book from Columbia University Press entitled Waking, Dreaming, Being: New Light on the Self and…

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