Basic social cognition without mindreading: minding minds without attributing contents

New paper by Dan Hutto. Also check out Tom Froese’s review of Dan’s recent co-authored book.

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Art, Aesthetics, and the Brain

Coming soon.

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Must cognition be representational?

William Ramsey in Synthese

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The drunk utilitarian

This in Cognition.

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In your face: transcendence in embodied interaction

A new open access article by Sean Gallagher (there currently seems to be some problem with the journal’s website but will hopefully be resolved). In cognitive psychology, studies concerning the…

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If a dog could talk, we could not understand him

This famous phrase of Wittgenstein (substitute lion for dog) seems to be salient here. Alva Noë takes on yet another one of those techno-ebullient MRI studies.

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Frege’s puzzle and Frege cases: Defending a quasi-syntactic solution

Here is the intro to Rob’s article: There is no doubt that social interaction plays an important role in language-learning, as well as in concept acquisition. In surprising contrast, social…

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