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Superfluous Neuroscience Information Makes Explanations of Psychological Phenomena More Appealing

This in the Journal of Cognitive Neuroscience. We conclude that the “allure of neuroscience” bias is conceptual, specific to neuroscience, and not easily accounted for by the prestige of the…

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Musical hallucinations

A report on a paper recently published in Cortex.

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Sex and brains

This from The Economist — here is the abstract from the target paper.

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The Wrong Brain

A rare anatomical variation newly identifies the brains of C.F. Gauss and C.H. Fuchs in a collection at the University of Göttingen Subsequent inquiries at the University of Göttingen revealed…

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If a dog could talk, we could not understand him

This famous phrase of Wittgenstein (substitute lion for dog) seems to be salient here. Alva Noë takes on yet another one of those techno-ebullient MRI studies.

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Science of Consciousness

Here is the follow up to an earlier post on The Royal Institution event: presentations discussion

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Hayek in Today’s Cognitive Neuroscience

Check out Joaquín Fuster’s recent paper: Only now, more than half a century after the publication of his theoretical book (Hayek, 1952), is the reaction to Hayek’s argument beginning to be heard….

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