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Symposium on Jack Russell Weinstein’s Adam Smith’s Pluralism: Rationality, Education, and the Moral Sentiments

Coming very soon. Here is the top-notch lineup of Smith scholars for this special issue: Introduction Nathaniel Wolloch Context-dependent Normativity and Universal Rules of Justice María Alejandra Carrasco “… but one of the multitude”. Justice, Pluralism and Rationality in Smith and Weinstein Lisa Herzog The dynamics of Sympathy and the challenge of creating new commonalities…


“The Life of Adam Smith” Author Dies

I’ve been informed that the author of the much acclaimed The Life of Adam Smith has passed away. Though I never knew the man we corresponded vaguely about his getting involved with Propriety and Prosperity. It wasn’t to be. Adam SmithIan Simpson RossLife of Adam SmithPropriety and Prosperity: New Studies on the Philosophy of Adam Smith

Smith on Smith

Last but by no means least here is an extract from Vernon’s Smith’s foreword. This book is a welcome addition to the resurgent scholarly and practical interest in Adam Smith’s contributions to market economics and its antecedents in the social order of human culture. In Smith, propriety concerned the rules that govern human sociability by…

Smith, Justice and the Scope of the Political

The intro to the final chapter — by Craig Smith There was a time when many commentators thought that there was a problem with Adam Smith. The tendency to read Smith’s thought as marred by supposed tensions between the ‘sympathy’ of The Theory of Moral Sentiments (TMS) and the ‘selfishness’ of The Wealth of Nations…