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Smith on Smith

Last but by no means least here is an extract from Vernon’s Smith’s foreword. This book is a welcome addition to the resurgent scholarly and practical interest in Adam Smith’s…

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Smith, Justice and the Scope of the Political

The intro to the final chapter — by Craig Smith There was a time when many commentators thought that there was a problem with Adam Smith. The tendency to read…

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The Spontaneous Order and the Family

The intro to Lauren Hall’s chapter. Smith scholarship is conflicted on whether the apparent conflict between self-interest in the Wealth of Nations (WN) and sympathy in the Theory of Moral Sentiments…

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Instincts and the Invisible Order: The Possibility of Progress

The intro to Jonathan Wight’s chapter. The invisible hand means a variety of things to modern writers, who use the phrase loosely to imply the market, the price system, efficiency,…

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Modern Greatness of Soul in Hume and Smith

Lovely essay by Andrew Corsa (H/T to Eric Schliesser)

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The ‘Invisible Hand’ Phenomenon in Philosophy and Economics

Here is the intro to Gavin Kennedy’s chapter. This chapter discusses Adam Smith’s rhetorical use of the ‘invisible hand’ in the context of his teachings on metaphors as figures of…

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Metaphor Made Manifest: Taking Seriously Smith’s ‘Invisible Hand’

The intro to Eugene Heath’s chapter: Is there any reason to devote time or effort to reading (or writing) an additional essay on Adam Smith’s “invisible hand”? Given the plethora…

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